Website updates and more..

I'm not really using my website and I think I should... so from now on, I'll make good use of it!

I decided to do a small update. I've never been really happy with the portfolio (renamed projects) and music sections so there's a big change there. I also gave the global design a cleaner look.

Apart from that, I'm getting more and more interested in game development. I'm learning all sorts of cool things. I create small games sometimes that I'm gonna post here. I also have a new Youtube channel, MrY0lk (because Y0lk was already taken, of course). I'll mostly use it to post videos of games I create, maybe some "let's play" if I feel like doing so sometimes, and other videos I couldn't post on my music channel (CaitSith3).

Finally, we started working on the new Excequo media solutions website. It's pretty classy hehe. We haven't decided on launch date yet but it shouldn't be too long.

Well, I think it's a reasonable challenge to post more things on my blog. For your information, you can see the website in french or english. There's a link near the social networks icons(top right of the page) to change the language.
Stay tuned for more updates ;)

April 12 at 8:32pm

New website

A couple months ago, I was using Wordpress because I thought it was a really good blog module. I still think it is, but as I mentionned on the single post I did on my Wordpress blog, I love to recreate everything. So here's my new website, divided in three sections : blog, portfolio, music.

I'll use my blog to write whatever is on my mind, when I feel like writing something, express myself or whatever.

My portfolio will used to show my creations. Go take a look!

Finally, there's the music section. I hesitated before including it, but since it's one of my biggest passion, I thought it should have a place on my website. I'm going to post the same videos I post on my Youtube music channel (CaitSith3) so it's just like an alternate way to hear/watch my music videos.

March 30 at 5:23pm